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Professional Logo Design

We have designed logos for countless businesses across the UK. Here are just a few examples below. You can speak to a professional logo designer by clicking here.

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Sorts Brand Logo
Construction Logo
Urban Brand Logo
tradesman logo
Restaurant Logo
Tech Startup Logo
Heritage Site Logo
Luton Lets Logo
Restaurant Logo
Fleets Maintenance Logo
Pleasure by toys
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Beauty Clinic Logo


Logo Designer UK is the daughter business to the website design company in London - SIGo Digital. Our website design clients needed logo designs, and we gradually developed a winning formula for creating perfect logos, every time.

How I create logo designs

How I Design Winning Logos. Every Time.

My Three "C" Formula
For Winning Logo Designs 


When you purchase a logo design package below you will be prompted to schedule a clarity call with me. During that call I will go through a set of branding questions which I have refined over the last two years to design brand logos for numerous happy clients across the UK.


I will get to really understand your business, and importantly I will help to tease out the factors that differentiate you from your competitors, giving people a reason to choose your service or product. This will give our project clear direction, even if you were not sure what you wanted before we spoke!

(If you cannot find a time to speak then you can also complete the branding questions online, but better if we can speak).

"Great service, quick and efficient. Simon is very knowledgeable and responsive. He understands your business needs and delivers superb results in no time. "

      Tabrez, Ireland, October 2022 - Restaurant Logo Design & Menu Design Project

Clarity Gives Direction For Logo Design
Creativity for Design


Once I understand your business inside out I collaborate with my super-talented design partner. We research competitors and utilise the best design tools to test ideas. In short, we let the creative juices flow! The unique combination of our talents lead to superb designs, far better than either of us could achieve on our own. Usually I have designs over to the client within three working days, but this can vary slightly project to project as I only like to send over designs that make my clients smile with joy.

"Outstanding service. From start to finish couldn't be happier. Simon was absolutely the best thing to help me along "   

       Matthew, UK, June 2022  - Contractor Logo Design Project


Once we have come up with  concepts that we are happy with I will email or WhatsApp them over to you. From there we will begin a collaborative process of revision and feedback. If you are not quite sure how you want to develop your designs I am here to give advice. Typically we respond with new designs within 24hrs and most clients are extremely happy with their new logo after around 2-4 rounds of revisions.

"Working with SiGo was effortless and communication was always excellent. Would highly recommend their services."   

       Daniel, UK, May 2022  - Construction Company Logo Design Project

logo design feedback

Packages & Pricing

Choose Logo Designer UK if you want to combine the affordability of online logo design packages, with the professional experience, expertise, energy, creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm for your project that you would expect when you hire any leading freelance logo designer or agency in the UK. I offer three core logo design packages which are described below. Once you purchase a package you will be prompted to book your clarity call, or answer our branding questions online. 

Logo Concepts Only

Logo Concepts Only


This logo design package is recommended if you only want to see some logo design concept ideas for the time being.

You will receive 3 logo design concepts in JPEG. PSD and PNG file format within 3-5 days of placing your order and completing our clarity kickstart call.

If you want to develop any of the ideas you will pay £35 per round of revisions.

Professional Business Logo Design

Professional Business Logo


This logo design package is recommended for start-ups and scale-ups requiring a unique, creative and professional logo to help their organisation to stand out from the crowd.

You will receive 3 logo design concepts format within 3-5 days of placing your order and completing our clarity call.

After that we will begin a dialogue by WhatsApp or Email whereby you can request up to four rounds of revisions to your designs. (Usually we have designed a winning logo within 2-4 rounds of revisions.)


You will receive your final designs in in JPEG. PSD and PNG file formats, which are suitable for all online media including websites, social media, email signatures and invoicing softwares.

Create Your Brand

Create Your Brand


This logo design package is recommended for all organisations requiring a unique, creative and professional logo to represent their brand consistently on physical and online spaces.

You will receive 3 logo design concepts within 3-5 days of placing your order and completing our clarity kickstart call.

After that we will begin a dialogue by WhatsApp or Email whereby you can request unlimited revisions, until we have created a logo that you absolutely love.

You will receive your final designs in in JPEG. PSD, PNG, and vector file formats, which will be suitable not only for online media, but also for any printing for any size from brochures, to billboards and vans. 

In addition you will receive a branding guide to empower anyone in your organisation to communicate with the right fonts and colours across communication channels.


1 / What if I don't like the designs?

It is normal that we do not absolutely nail the logo design in the first round. We start a collaborative process of adjusting the concepts according to client input and usually it is quite fun! Typically you will absolutely love the logo within 2-4 revisions. For best results take our Create Your Brand package so that you can keep asking for revisions until you are 100% happy with the final logo design.

2 / Can you make a sample logo design first?

I hope you will understand why I ask clients to invest with a payment up front, before we invest our valuable time in the design process.

3 / Can I use the logo on my van?

Yes! If your printer requires vector files then take our Brand Identity package.

4 / Will I have copyright to my logo design?

Yes and no. I hand over all rights to use and modify your logo. I do not actually officially register your logo or your trademark. Depending on whether you are in the UK, Europe or USA you can do this with the local bodies and we can send you guidance on how to do this. If copyright or trademark for your logo is important for your business then it may be advisable to seek professional legal assistance.

5 / Can I use my logo design on all my stationery and marketing materials?

You should definitely use your new logo design on all your materials and what is more we can design them for you! I include a PNG transparent image in all packages which you should easily be able to impose onto any background. However some printing companies insist on Vector files. In this case take our Create Your Brand package which includes vector file formats.

6 / Which logo design package is suitable for my small business?

Our business logo design package is suitable for most  businesses who want an attractive, professional and unique logo to represent their brand on their website and stationery. If you are working with a social media company or if you plan to print your logo onto large signage then take our branding package which includes a branding guide and vector files.

7 / What if I need additional revisions or file formats?

You can request additional revisions or file formats for £35. If you are unsure what you might need then just go for the branding package which is all-inclusive.

8 / Do you provide other design services?

Yes! We can design and organise printing for brochures, signage, menus, gift vouchers and business cards, as well as videos. We also partner with a recommended website design company in London to help with websites and digital marketing.

9 / Do you only work with UK businesses?

Whilst the majority of our logo design clients are from the UK, we are very happy to work with any business anywhere in the world!

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